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With the help of several people, I created a form in VBA Excel 2016 that can be used to store information in Excel and, if desired, from a date onwards, see the results in a listbox.

My goal is to implement this form on the web.
My question is, where should I start? Is it possible to create a php page that reads and writes data from Excel? Or should I use another program instead of Excel to store and write information?

Someone suggested Angular to me because it has so many features; If this suggestion is correct, where should I start? Is it possible to read information from Excel when using Angular?

File attached in this place.

What I have tried:

I create a Form in excel vba 2016.
Updated 2-Sep-22 20:01pm
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Sep-22 23:58pm    
You could use Excel, but you have limitations. Excel interop is not supported in a web application. You would be much better off putting the data in an actual database, like MySql, or the like.
BobbyStrain 3-Sep-22 0:12am    
MySql has an Excel add-in that connects to a MySql database on a web server. If you start there, you won't need anything but Excel and VBA in Excel.

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Do yourself a favour, and don't use Excel.

Excel is an excellent spreadsheet, but it isn't a database, and while you can store information in it that';s not something it's good at - it's about presentation and analysis of data for a single user, not multiuser storage of bulk data.

Web solutions are normally multiuser, and while you can get a few people working on the same spreadsheet at the same time, it's not good at it - and Office is almost never installed on web servers for cost reasons (and because they don;t generally have users logged in) so 99% of the time it's not going to be available to your server-based code at all. Even if Office was installed, it'll be installed for a user, but IIS doesn't run under that account, so the chances are it (and thus your server code) can't access it either!

You can't access the client Office implementation at all (assuming he has it installed) for security reasons.

So really, it's a bad idea that is almost certainly doomed to failure from the start: use a multiuser database system (Sql Server or MySql for example) and things start to work much, much better right from the start!
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