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Write a program that reads data from TEXT file and check whether it is a number or not. If NUMBER, check whether it is palindrome or not. If it is palindrome, write a number in EXCEL file. If text check the length of TEXT.

What I have tried:

I have tried simple file handling concepts in java using fileinputstream so is it write or wrong and how to check data is no or string while reading input from txt file please tell me if youu have any idea
Updated 4-Sep-22 5:37am
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Sep-22 11:15am    
You could be talking about writing to a CSV file, or Comma Separated Values. That is NOT an Excel file. It's a simple text file where each line in the file is considered a record and each value in a record is written with some kind of delimiter between values, like a comma or tab character.
Member 15756915 4-Sep-22 11:20am    
Thank you for your time , in the problem statement it is given that we have to read data from txt file and if it's palindrome then we have to write it into excel file and if it's string we have to count length of each string
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Sep-22 12:42pm    
This is a school assignment. I seriously doubt you have to create an actual Excel file. It's possible your teacher is using the term Excel to refer to a CSV file. You better when with your teacher to make sure.

Where did you find this question? You cannot create Excel files by simple filehandling. You need to find a Java library that supports the creation of Excel files.

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