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I have exel file which has data like shown following and i want read all data and export only one column data in csv file. I can do this with use of database but how to do this without use of database ? Any ideas!

here is data

SR,Product,Packing Mfg.,Batch,Expiry,MRP,Tot.Qty,MRP,Value (Rs)

1,3 P,4 x Tab (Strip),KIR,T,,1.00,24,6.00

2,3 P,4 x Tab (Strip),KIR,KT14025,03/17,10.00,8,20.00
Updated 27-May-15 1:31am
Andy Lanng 27-May-15 7:14am    
This is a great link I saw SA post. I find myself using it all the time now:

What have you tried?
Member 11543226 27-May-15 7:26am    
I just know import export process I worked on that but with use of database but now no storage is here so i am confused how to do i.
Andy Lanng 27-May-15 7:30am    
Confused is great. That means that you have looked at something that confused you. What did you look at.

Have you googled?

There are a couple of ways to interact with office products from c#. What have you used before?

You need to tell us these things or the question will remain far too generic to be answered.

Read the linked article again. Understand why you have not given enough detail to get an answer.

It's not that we won't answer, but we really can't
Member 11543226 27-May-15 7:35am    
ohh I am sorry I think You asked me that question that what i tried for this question , now I understand it is a link! i will read . Thanks. I googled about this topic but not found interesting ansewers to help.

1 solution

This seems like a very cool way to read excel file and write desired output in CSV file. Check this out C#: Query Excel and .CSV Files Using LinqToExcel[^]
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