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My app uses EntityFrameWork 6.x in VS 2019 Ver 16.11.18

I bind a datagridview control to a bindingsource expecting all will be good. Problem is the grid allows user to enter more characters than the database table column allows. When this happens, an exception is thrown. OK - fair enough.

I have searched & searched for a way to limit the number of characters the user can enter but have failed to find a way. Obviously, MaxInputProperty is not available because of the binding.

Any help will be very much appreciated, TIA Joe

What I have tried:

private void UpStation_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    hrc = new HRContactsEntities();
    var stx = from item in hrc.Stations
              where item.S_oper == MyParentForm.oper
              select item;

    bSrc.DataSource = stx.ToList();
    bNav.BindingSource = bSrc;
    bNav.Visible = true;
    dgvUp.DataSource = bSrc;           
    }  // end of method       

private void loadBindingNavigatorSaveItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    catch (System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException ex)
    foreach (var eve in ex.EntityValidationErrors)
       Debug.WriteLine("Entity of type \"{0}\" in state \"{1}\" has the following validation 
       errors:", eve.Entry.Entity.GetType().Name, eve.Entry.State);

    foreach (var ve in eve.ValidationErrors)
        Debug.WriteLine("- Property: \"{0}\", Error: \"{1}\"",
                    ve.PropertyName, ve.ErrorMessage);
    }  // end of method
Updated 8-Sep-22 20:30pm
[no name] 8-Sep-22 12:54pm    
What's "obvious" about "MaxInputProperty"? You didn't even say where you pulled it from; or whether it's Windows Forms, WPF or what.

1 solution

You can find some suggestions on CodeProject here:
How to set max length of datagridview column?[^]
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jbm417 9-Sep-22 9:05am    
RickZ - Found the answer in the link. Thanks, Joe

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