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write a golang code for the problem:
Suppliers 'A' and 'B' provided the following numbers of products for the luxury hamper market:

>Product 'A' 'B' Price Per Unit

BelugaCaviar 5248 640 128

ChristmasCake 1312 1888 135

GammonJoint 2624 3776 234

VintagePort 5760 3776 156
ChampagneTruffles 3936 5664 250

Although the suppliers try very hard to ship their goods in perfect condition, there is inevitably some spoilage of 5% for each product - i.e. products gone bad.


The total amount which needs to be paid to supplier A and supplier B against each product

What I have tried:

package main

import (

func total(mymap map[string]float64) {
for k, _ := range mymap {
if k == "A" {
result := mymap["A"] - (mymap["A"] * 0.05)
total := result * mymap["unit_price"]
fmt.Printf("Total price for suplier A:%f\n", total)

} else if k == "B" {
result1 := mymap["B"] - (mymap["B"] * 0.05)
total1 := result1 * mymap["unit_price"]
fmt.Printf("Total price for suplier B:%f", total1)


func main() {

BelugaCaviar := map[string]float64{"A": 5248, "B": 640, "unit_price": 128}
ChristmasCake := map[string]float64{"A": 1312, "B": 1888, "unit_price": 135}
GammonJoint := map[string]float64{"A": 2624, "B": 376, "unit_price": 234}
vintagePort := map[string]float64{"A": 5760, "B": 3776, "unit_price": 156}
ChampagneTruffles := map[string]float64{"A": 3936, "B": 5664, "unit_price": 25}
fmt.Println("Price details for product BelugaCaviar are:")
fmt.Println("Price details for product ChristmasCake are:")
fmt.Println("Price details for product GammonJoint are:")
fmt.Println("Price details for product vintagePort are:")
fmt.Println("Price details for product ChampagneTruffles are:")

Updated 23-Oct-22 1:00am
Richard MacCutchan 23-Oct-22 3:41am    
The answer is the number of items multiplied by 0.95 (i.e. 5% less) multiplied by the price.

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