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Hi im pretty new to coding and my problem is this:
i have multible files that looks like this:

XL2 STIPA Reporting: Lundsgaard\2020-04-22_STIPA_003_Report.txt

# Hardware Configuration
Device Info: XL2, SNo. A2A-13445-E0, FW3.33
Mic Type: NTi Audio M4261, SNo. 1415, Factory adjusted
Mic Sensitivity: 18.2 mV/Pa
Time Zone: UTC+00:00

# Measurement Setup
Profile: Full mode
Append mode: OFF
IEC 60268-16: ed4.0 2011

# STIPA Results
Date Time Date Time STIPA CYCLE
[YYYY-MM-DD] [hh:mm:ss] [YYYY-MM-DD] [hh:mm:ss] [STI] [STI]
2020-04-22 08:17:50 2020-04-22 08:18:05 0.52
There is more columns after the Cycle part but i only wants to get to STIPA column.
I think parse the column part, but i cant see how. Rigth now i have used ReadAllText, and guesing its something with ReadLines instead.
Some advice would be really apreaciated, atleas some pointers what way i need to go..

Jonas a beginner on deep water

What I have tried:

//STIPA raport funktion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
private void btnSTIPAReport_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
List<string> stringList = new List<string>();

string[] files = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(textBoxInput.Text, "*_STIPA_*_Report.txt");

foreach (string file in files)

string resultText = string.Join("", stringList.ToArray());

using (StreamWriter outFile = new StreamWriter(textBoxOutput.Text + "\\Combined STIPA measurements.txt"))
Updated 28-Oct-22 6:23am

1 solution

Use String.Split Method (System) | Microsoft Learn[^] to split the line into tokens. You can then take the relevant field from the line, something like:
// for each line with the fields you want
string[] tokens = string.Split(' ', 6);
string stipa = tokens[4];
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