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When one of my visual studio 2006 c++ MFC projects migrates to the VS 2019, there are some problems loading dialogs in run time. the following debug assertion messages appear:

"Program: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\mfc140d.dll
File: d:\agent\_work\3\s\src\vctools\VC7Libs\Ship\ATLMFC\Src\MFC\occcont.cpp
Line: 925
For information on how your program can cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts."

when I tried to debug I understand that calling the DoModal() function of dialog initialization caused this event.
besides, when I want to open the dialog in the IDE, this message is shown:
"2 Activex controls could not be instantiated. reinstall or register controls and try again".
so I can't access the dialog form. I don't know which Activex controls have been used and I am not able to discover them since the dialog is not openable. Note that, This project has run without any problem on the VS2006, before.

What I have tried:

I search in my system but there is no "occcont.cpp".
I tried to understand which Activex controls must be reinstalled but I can't.
I don't know what I must do
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 30-Oct-22 8:31am    
I would suggest reinstalling Visual C++ distribution that you received, or the framework that you installed.

It is unclear what went wrong and we cannot help without knowing the historic data. :)
Richard MacCutchan 30-Oct-22 9:49am    
You can check the dialog source by opening the project's .rc file in a text editor. But you may find that ActiveX controls are no longer supported: see ActiveX Controls | Microsoft Learn[^].
Alireza Mahini 1-Nov-22 4:16am    
thanks for your comment. I read the rc file and it seems that pen and text control ( for changing the font, pen color setting, text rotation,...) have been applied in that dialog.
Richard Deeming 31-Oct-22 5:33am    
NB: As far as I can see, there was no "Visual Studio 2006" version. There was no version between the 2005 and 2008 releases.
Alireza Mahini 1-Nov-22 4:12am    
Hi Richard, you are right. I meant VS6 (visual studio 6)

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