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Creates 25 empty (0 KB) files. Use the touch command.
The file names should be <yourname><number>, <yourname><number+1>, <yourname><number+2>, and so on.
Design the script so that each time you run it, it creates the next batch of 25 files with increasing numbers starting with the last or maximum number that already exists.
Do not hard code these numbers. You need to generate them by using automation.
Test the script. Display a long list of the directory and its contents to validate that the script created the expected files.

What I have tried:

can u help with the coding using linux bash shell scripting
Updated 15-Nov-22 5:46am

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If you are expecting someone here to do your work for you, then I am afraid you will be disappointed. If you do not know how to write bash scripts then take a look at bash(1): GNU Bourne-Again SHell - Linux man page[^].
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ksravanikusuma 15-Nov-22 11:47am    
i have tried many times in unable to do it seeking for help as am a new beginner.
thank you
Richard MacCutchan 15-Nov-22 11:49am    
Then do as I suggested and go and study the man page. Or if this is a school/colloege assignment then consult your class notes.

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