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I am working in codeigniter 4, I want to submit array checkboxes in which some may be checked and some may be unchecked, so I want to insert 1 and 0 into table accordingly.

My View like this:

<td class="text-center"><input type="checkbox" name="add[]"  class="form-check"></td>
<td class="text-center"><input type="checkbox" name="view[]" class="form-check"></td>
<td class="text-center"><input type="checkbox" name="update[]"  class="form-check"></td>
<td class="text-center"><input type="checkbox" name="delete[]"  class="form-check"></td>

I receive values of only checked checkboxes and not the whole array, what to do please help.

What I have tried:

$add = $this->request->getVar('add');
        $view = $this->request->getVar('view');
        $update = $this->request->getVar('update');
        $delete = $this->request->getVar('delete');
Richard Deeming 29-Nov-22 9:24am    
That's how HTML checkboxes work; only the value of the checked items is sent to the server. You're going to need to change your approach; unfortunately, you haven't explained what you're trying to do in enough detail to suggest how to do that.
nyt1972 29-Nov-22 9:38am    
Thanks, my html is a page to grant permissions to classes, that is add/view/delete etc, so some classes may have add and some may have view and some have none, so I want to insert accordingly. Is it enough explanation?
Richard Deeming 29-Nov-22 10:06am    
So your rows have some sort of ID or key to identify them?

And what are you currently doing with the arrays?
nyt1972 29-Nov-22 10:12am    
I have table with following kind of values and I want to update Add, View or Delete with 1 or 0
ID Class Add View Update Delete
1 Class1  1
2 Class2       1
3 Class3             1
4 Class4

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