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I have a shopping cart that allows users to select their desired items using a checkbox. The values show but the total does not increase.
<pre>function subTotalEntry() {
  let total = document.getElementById('entryTotal');

  let price = document.querySelector('.first-entry').innerHTML;
  let qty = document.querySelector('.entryQty').checked;
  let cageSize = document.querySelector('.firstCageSize').value;
  let smCagePrice = document.querySelector('.small-cage').innerHTML;
  let lrgCagePrice = document.querySelector('.large-cage').innerHTML;
  if (qty && cageSize == 'small') {
      total.value = Number(price) * Number(qty) + Number(smCagePrice);
  } else if (qty && cageSize == 'large') {
      total.value = Number(price) * Number(qty) + Number(lrgCagePrice);
  } else if (qty && cageSize == 'BYO') {
      total.value = Number(price) * Number(qty);
  } else {
      total.value = Number(price) * Number(qty);


What I have tried:

I have tried adding the Number(total.value) to each if statement but the values only increase incorrectly and does not decrease.
Updated 5-Dec-22 17:32pm
Sandeep Mewara 5-Dec-22 23:28pm    
You need to share more details on what are you trying to achieve here.
Chris Copeland 6-Dec-22 4:53am    
Have you tried debugging the code in the developer tools, stepping through the code line-by-line and seeing what each of the values are?

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