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Write a method called parselTongue1 that takes a String, s and an int, n and returns a String with the first ’s’ repeated n times. There is an easy solution to this task that uses theString library methodreplaceFirst-lookthisupanduseitinyourmethod.

Write a second method called parselTongue2 that does the same task, but without using replaceFirst- you will need to work out your own way to do the task using other String methods.
In both cases the output should be the same, for example:

parselTongue1("hello", 6)

would return "hello"

parselTongue1("hospital", 3) would return "hossspital"

parselTongue2("hospital", 3) would return "hossspital"

In main display the result of calling this method several times with a variety of input data.

What I have tried:

public class ParselTongue{

public static void main(String[] args){




public static void parselTongue(String s, int n){

for(char a =0; a
Updated 15-Dec-22 2:15am
Richard MacCutchan 15-Dec-22 7:51am    
There is a lot of code missing from your question. I suggest you work on writing that first.

1 solution

Remember that java strings are immutable, so you will need to copy the string up to the first "s" to a new empty StringBuilder, then add N "s"'s, then copy the remaining string characters over.
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