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I am new to regex and at a loss as to how to start this thing.  There's a thread with similar words in the title, except it is not about regex. 

I want to capture the month in number (1 - 12) and replace it with month name (Jan - Dec). 

I use a TEXT EDITOR for search and replace. I have successfully used regex for a lot of replacements, except this one. So, I couldn't use arrays, dictionaries, functions, etc. 

How could I accomplish the above? If then? How?


What I have tried:

I'm new to regex and don't know where to start with this problem.
Updated 15-Dec-22 6:12am

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Basically, don't use a regex: they are text processors, not programming languages, and while it might be possible to do what you want in a regex, it'd be horribly complicated and very difficult to understand or change later - when you met US date, or ISO instead of European date format for example. Or when you need to do it for a different language maybe.

A much better solution is use java code to convert the date to a Date object[^] and then convert that to a string using the month name: How to Format Date to String in Java 8 [Example Tutorial] | Java67[^]

A Regex is powerful tool, but so is a hammer: you should only use them when it is appropriate!
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