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i have created a table in word using OpenXML in which i have to fill a table cell (Header Table Heading) with light grey

Any Help!!

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

TableRow tr1 = new TableRow();
TableCell tc11 = new TableCell();
TableCellProperties tcp = new TableCellProperties();
GridSpan gridSpan = new GridSpan();
gridSpan.Val = 11;
Paragraph p11 = new Paragraph();
ParagraphProperties pp11 = new ParagraphProperties();
pp11.Justification = new Justification() { Val = JustificationValues.Center };
Run r11 = new Run();
RunProperties rp11 = new RunProperties();
rp11.Bold = new Bold();
r11.Append(new Text(""+"My text"));
Updated 21-Dec-22 18:07pm

1 solution

I was not sure myself, so I used Google: How do change the foreground color of a table cell in word file using openxml using C - Google Search[^] and found this: How can I modify the foreground and background color of an OpenXML TableCell?[^] ... That was the first result of many. If not that, have a look at the others.
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Manojkumar-dll 21-Dec-22 23:09pm    
Thanks !!! But the references in the internet doesn't seems to help me to solve this in my case it's quit confusing
Graeme_Grant 21-Dec-22 23:16pm    
Does not help how? Why confusing? You replied super quickly. Did you look at other links at those solutions too in the 4 minutes between when I posted and your reply???
Graeme_Grant 21-Dec-22 23:20pm    
IDK, this is pretty clear to me and I have not worked with it before...

// Create the TableCellProperties object
TableCellProperties tcp = new TableCellProperties(
    new TableCellWidth { Type = TableWidthUnitValues.Auto, }
// Create the Shading object
DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing.Shading shading = 
    new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing.Shading() {
    Color = "auto",
    Fill = "ABCDEF",
    Val = ShadingPatternValues.Clear
// Add the Shading object to the TableCellProperties object
// Add the TableCellProperties object to the TableCell object

That is a total of 4 lines of code.
Manojkumar-dll 21-Dec-22 23:32pm    
Sincere apology and tons of thanks it works Thank you so much sir!!!
Graeme_Grant 22-Dec-22 1:49am    
You are welcome.

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