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Hello everyone: I am programming with visual studio 2022, I already installed the 64-bit Crystal Report but I don't see it anywhere in the menu. Do I have to configure something else in Visual Studio? Thanks for the help.

What I have tried:

I can't find any link indicating what to do.
Updated 15-Jan-23 20:20pm
Sandeep Mewara 16-Jan-23 0:21am    
It would be worth a shot to remove if you have other versions of crystal report or VS2022 installed?
Member 15639943 16-Jan-23 0:42am    
I have deleted Crystal Report 32 bits and instaled Crystal Report 64 bits for Visual Studio 2022, but when I add a new item, Crystal Report does not appear.
Member 15639943 16-Jan-23 1:20am    
I try to add reference to Crystal Report's dll, but now is worst. I got a error that blocked my project. Does Crystal Report 64 bits for Visual Studio 2022 really work without problems?

Talk to Crystal Reports - they will know a lot more about installation problems than we will. They have technical support - there is a button at the bottom of their home page.

And if you have installed a paid for version, then you have paid for support from them - so you may as well use it!
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I solved the problem by downloading the installers directly from SAP and not from third parties.
Now, learn Crystal Report from WPF.
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Richard Deeming 17-Jan-23 4:23am    
If you've downloaded and installed software from a third-party site, there's a very good chance that your computer is now infected with malware - especially since the installer didn't actually do what it promised.

Use a different computer to download a reputable anti-virus product capable of performing an offline scan, and then use that to perform an offline scan of your computer.
Member 15702892 18-Jan-23 2:00am    
I have also downloaded the Crystal report for VS from SAP site. But still its not visible in add item menu. Conflict is still am having older crystals installed.
e solucionado el problema de mostrar los reportes en 2010 y 2022 a base de ensayo y error utilizando crystal report
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Dave Kreskowiak yesterday    
"First, this is an English speaking site, so find a translator on the web before you post.

Next, "I used trial and error" is not an answer.
Jose Silvera yesterday    
I had to create an object before calling the crystal report since when viewing them it sends them blank
but in 2010
Jose Silvera yesterday    
What is your problem on a report page in this case CrystalReportsViewer
Dave Kreskowiak yesterday    
Because your answer was "I Fixed the issue of displaying reports in 2010 and 2022 based on trial and error using Crystal Report". You didn't say anything at all about what you did to fix the problem, other than "I did trial and error". That's not an answer.
Jose Silvera yesterday    
wpf page
this goes at the head of the design


This goes in the design after the

<my:crystalreportsviewer name="CrystalReportsViewer1" togglesidepanel="None" showlogo="False">

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