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I'm trying to add data to a table in a SQLite database by getting data from a excel file using the fastexcel library.

But I cannot figure out how do I get values from specific cells/column of a row in a worksheet.

Can anyone help me with this please ...

What I have tried:

public void UpdateDBtable()
			DataTable dt = new DataTable();

			dt.Columns.Add("Bill No");

			string file_Bills = @"D:\Test\Test.xlsx";
			using (FastExcel.FastExcel fastExcel = new FastExcel.FastExcel(file_Bills, true))

				Worksheet worksheet = fastExcel.Read(1);
				var rows = worksheet.Rows.ToArray();
				//ideally the below rows.Count() should be the count of number of rows whose column A value exists but don't know how to do that either
				for (int _row = 2; _row <= rows.Count(); _row++)
					DataRow dr = dt.NewRow();

					//below line is intended to get specific cells text but doesn't work
					dt.Rows.Add(worksheet.Cells[_row, 1].Text, worksheet.Cells[_row, 2].Text, ..., worksheet.Cells[_row, 7].Text);
				using(SQLiteConnection conn= new SQLiteConnection(@"Data Source="+Path.GetFullPath("./test.db")))
					using (var cmd = new SQLiteCommand(conn))
						string str;
						SQLiteCommand com;

						foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows) 
							str = "INSERT OR IGNORE INTO billdata(Party,BillNo,...,Head)values(@Party,@BillNo,...,@Head)";
							com = new SQLiteCommand(str, conn);
							com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Party", row.Field<string>(0));
							com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@BillNo", row.Field<string>(1));
							com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Head", row.Field<string>(8));
Updated 20-Jan-23 4:18am

1 solution

From the examples they have given in that project, Read example 2 has this snippet
var rows = worksheet.Rows.ToArray();
        //Do something with rows
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Worksheet Rows:{0}", rows.Count()));
It would appear then that the array rows is a two-dimensional array - you can confirm this by running the example and examining rows in the Watch window. Something like rows[0,1] would return the value of Cell A2 - probably.
However, this is a question that is best asked of the author of that project.
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Member 12692000 20-Jan-23 9:58am    
Putting a breakpoint in the for loop I get this.

If I try to do string tempCell = (rows[_row].Cells[3]).ToString(); I get the error Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<FastExcel.Cell>' (CS0021)
CHill60 20-Jan-23 13:20pm    
In my solution I suggested that rows was a two-dimensional array. Your code is using a collection of objects.
I still stand by my comment that these questions should be directed toward the author of the project - there is clearly a custom type involved - <fastexcel.cell>
Member 12692000 20-Jan-23 20:03pm    
Noted your points.

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