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Hi all ,

I have an application written in MFC which uses MS Access as the database.
Now, I want to migrate this database to SQLite.
I have few questions around it :
1. Should I write a framework which creates all the equivalent classes such as CDaoDatabase , CDaoRecordSet using sqlite apis.
2. Or should I simply remove all the database classes used by my application and use the sqlite wherever the calls to the database apis are done.
Or could there be a simpler way of migrating the database without changing much of the code.

thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I tried creating the equivalent classes but this will take lot of efforts to write each and every api.
Updated 2-Feb-23 1:04am

1 solution

To be honest it sound like your original app is badly designed, if the actual database is that tightly coupled to your business and / or presentation code - in a well designed app, it should be possible to extract the DB related code and replace it with a new assembly / library, so the business and presentation layers remain untouched.

If it's going to be that much work, I'd probably throw it away, and restart using a more modern framework than the rather antiquated MFC and designing it to use a three layer model so this doesn't happen again when you discover that SQLite doesn't support Stored Procedures for example and have to switch DB again. (MFC is older than a significant portion of the coders using C++ - it came out in 1992!)

But without access to the whole app it's pretty much impossible to tell you what to do other than that.
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iampradeepsharma 2-Feb-23 7:14am    
Your answer is really honest.
OriginalGriff 2-Feb-23 8:07am    
Sorry! But ...

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