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I'm trying to create a skill tree using networkx, but due to the length of descriptions, it's not feasible to have permanent labels/annotations with the ability descriptions, so was hoping to be able to have them show up on mouseover.
The gist of the code is:
G = nx.Graph()

G.add_node('A', name='Node A', description='This is node A')
G.add_node('B', name='Node B', description='This is node B')

G.add_edge('A', 'B')

pos = nx.kamada_kawai_layout(G)

colours={'A':col_a, 'B':col_b}

fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(20, 20))
nx.draw(G, pos, node_color=[colors[node] for node in G.nodes()], with_labels=False, node_size=2700)

node_labels = nx.get_node_attributes(G, 'name')
nx.draw_networkx_labels(G, pos, labels=node_labels, font_size=9)

mpld3.save_html(fig,"Skill tree.html")

I don't know if it matters but I'm using JupyterLab through anaconda.

What I have tried:

I had someone provide the following code to try:
class NodeDescription(plugins.PluginBase):
    JAVASCRIPT = """
    mpld3.register_plugin("node_description", NodeDescription);
    NodeDescription.prototype = Object.create(mpld3.Plugin.prototype);
    NodeDescription.prototype.constructor = NodeDescription;
    function NodeDescription(fig, props){, fig, props);

    NodeDescription.prototype.draw = function(){
        var tooltip = this.props.tooltip;
        for (var i = 0; i < this.fig.axes.length; i++){
            var ax = this.fig.axes[i];

    def __init__(self, points, tooltip, **kwargs):
        self.points = points
        self.tooltip = tooltip
        self.metadata = kwargs

    def get_dict(self):
        x = [point[0] for point in self.points]
        y = [point[1] for point in self.points]
        return {'type': 'node_description', 'x': x, 'y': y, 'tooltip': self.tooltip, 'metadata': self.metadata}

    def get_javascript(self):
        return self.JAVASCRIPT

node_positions = [(x, y) for x, y in pos.values()]
node_descriptions = nx.get_node_attributes(G, 'description')
plugins.connect(fig, NodeDescription(node_positions, tooltip=list(node_descriptions.values())))

This didn't work, but I don't know if there is an error in it or if it just isn't right for what I want.
[no name] 2-Feb-23 14:34pm
Arcanum7123 2-Feb-23 14:41pm    
Would you be able to expand on how to integrate this to work with my networkx diagram, as I can't understand how to from the example?
[no name] 2-Feb-23 14:56pm    
See if it support "tooltips" (in general) ... if it doesn't, it's a reflection of how bad a product it is.

(Speak of the devil)

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