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I want to save Excel data to the database but the problem is before inserting it into the database remove all the commas, dots and spaces from the string.By using Regex i want a function which can give me below output.

for example :-1.string contains P G it saves PG or P,. G returns PG
2. if the string is Workshop Related Expenses the output is same in that case i dont want remove spaces.

if the string is single then remove spaces, commas and dots but when it is sentence remove commas and dots.

What I have tried:

function convertString(d) {
        if (typeof d === "string") {
          let regex = /[^a-zA-Z ]/g;
          let newString= d.replace(regex, "");
          d = newString;
        return d;
Updated 18-Apr-23 21:11pm

1 solution

Your regex excludes spaces, and includes all punctuation as well as numeric characters. To remove commas, dots, and spaces is easy:
But ... you will have to work out rules for you second requirement fairly carefully - when does a space get removed? Is it "not after a word of sufficient length"? Or "not between two words of sufficient length"? What about "I am a human"? Should that remain as it is, or have some or all spaces removed? What about "I, a human ..."?

I suspect that you are going to stress Regexes too far to get maintainable code and meaningful results, and that you will need to define your problem to yourself a load better before you even try to sort this - with or without a Regex!
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