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I have this raw code:

BOOL							bRet, bEsisPrinter;
	BYTE							*pchTesto, *pchBuffOut;
	CHAR							chBarcode[256];
	TCHAR                           chDriverName[256], chDoc[256];
	size_t							nLenBarcode;
	int                             nbytes;
	WORD                            buffLen, *pLen;
	DWORD                           cbNeeded;
	FILE                            *fp;
	HDC                             hdc;
	HANDLE                          han;
	DEVMODE                         DM;
	DOCINFO                         infsta;
	PRINTER_INFO_2                  *pprint;

<pre>WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, WC_COMPOSITECHECK, szBarcode, -1, chBarcode, 256, NULL, NULL);
			_tcscpy_s(chBarcode, 256, szBarcode);
			nLenBarcode = strlen(chBarcode);
			nbytes = strPathZebra.size();

			if (nbytes > 0)
				//pchTesto = (BYTE *)calloc(nbytes + 1, sizeof(BYTE));
				CT2A temp(cs); // convert from CString to CT2A
				pchTesto = (BYTE *)(char *)temp;
				//BYTE *p = (BYTE*)(const char*)cs;
				pchBuffOut = (BYTE *)calloc(nbytes + nLenBarcode + 3, sizeof(BYTE));
				//pchTesto = pByte;
				//nbytes = (int)fread(pchFile, sizeof(unsigned char), nbytes + 1, fp);

				if (nbytes > 0)																		// Ho letto il file testo
					sprintf_s((char *)pchBuffOut + 2, nbytes + nLenBarcode + 1, (char *)pchTesto, chBarcode);

I have an error with the function sprintf_s : Incorrect format specifier

What I have tried:

I tried to search on internet but I didn't find solution..
Updated 24-May-23 0:12am

You have not included a format string in your call to sprintf_s; see sprintf_s, _sprintf_s_l, swprintf_s, _swprintf_s_l | Microsoft Learn[^].
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Member 14594285 24-May-23 6:13am    
in place to (char*) pTesto?
Richard MacCutchan 24-May-23 7:00am    
OK, What is contained in that string?
The format specifier does not match the type of the argument you're giving to it.

Format specifier %s is used to print a null-terminated string. Your chBarcode variable is declared as a CHAR array, and pchTesto is a BYTE pointer. It seems that you want to concatenate the chBarcode string to the pchTesto string - Standard C Library/Functions/printf[^].

Try the adding '%s' to your code -
sprintf_s((char *)pchBuffOut + 2, nbytes + nLenBarcode + 1, "%s%s", (char *)pchTesto, chBarcode);
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