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Hello, I am trying to disable a select element if my checkbox has been checked. Just by code using javascript and all, it was successful but it got tricky when I involved some php.

this is my html:
<select id="month">
   <option></option> //data fetch from db
<input type="checkbox" id="curr" name="pre" onclick="preCheck()" 
value="present" <?php if($row['exit'] == "present"){ echo "checked"; }else{ echo "unchecked"; } ?> >

this is my js:
function preCheck(){
    var curr= document.getElementById('curr');
    if (curr.checked){
        document.getElementById("month").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");

What I have tried:

I had looked up the problem and have noticed that onclick will not work with php but i was wondering if there was a way around it as I am not that skilled in programming
Updated 2-Jun-23 12:32pm

1 solution

Php, is server sided, all Php instructions are processed on it.
But to interact with Javascript on the Client web page, you can fire Javascript functions,

using a call to your function, with 'echo' and ' ....

echo "<script> preCheck(); </script>" ;

// that will add this line of JS code to the page to be send,
// and at page load at client side, the function involved will fire.
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