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Suppose I have a list of student objects where a single student has the properties Name, Age and Company properties. I would like to implement extra Comparer interfaces that will allow me to sort a list of students using the Age and company properties. I have already implemented a default comparer that is based on the Name of the student. The names are compared lexicographically and the sort is executed on the students list. Now I would like to implement additional sort interfaces that let me sort the students list based on the age or the company names lexicographically.
How do I do that in C#?

What I have tried:

public interface IPerson
    string Name { get; set; }
    int Age { get; set; }
    string Company { get; set; }
//implementation details for my Student class
public class Student : IPerson, IComparable<Student>  
    private string _name;
    private string _company;
    private int _age;   
    public string Name { 
        get => _name;
        set => _name = value; }
    public string Company { get => _company; set => _company= value; 
    public int Age { get => _age; set => _age = value; }
    //define the constructor
    public Student(string name, int age, string company)
        _name = name;
        _company = company; 
        _age = age; 
    //the default comparer is name based
    public int CompareTo(Student other)
        return _name.CompareTo(other. Name);    
   //how do I implement additional interfaces for age and company and how do 
   //tell the compiler in Main method to use which type to do it
Updated 15-Jun-23 4:07am

1 solution

Rather than having the class implement the comparison, use external classes implementing IComparer<IPerson>.
public abstract class PersonComparer : IComparer<IPerson>
    public int Compare(IPerson left, IPerson right)
        if (left is null) return right is null ? 0 : -1;
        if (right is null) return 1;
        return CompareCore(left, right);
    protected abstract int CompareCore(IPerson left, IPerson right);

public class PersonNameComparer : PersonComparer
    protected override int CompareCore(IPerson left, IPerson right) => StringComparer.CurrentCulture.Compare(left.Name, right.Name);

public class PersonAgeComparer : PersonComparer
    protected override int CompareCore(IPerson left, IPerson right) => left.Age.CompareTo(right.Age);

public class PersonCompanyComparer : PersonComparer
    protected override int CompareCore(IPerson left, IPerson right) => StringComparer.CurrentCulture.Compare(left.Company, right.Company);
IComparer<T> Interface (System.Collections.Generic) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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Tim the Gamer 15-Jun-23 8:54am    
This will make the code complex and a pain to the eye, where is the constructor of this external class and how do I use it to sort a list of Student objects?
Richard Deeming 15-Jun-23 9:03am    
"where is the constructor"
Since there are no constructors defined, the compiler will generate a default constructor.

"how do I use it"
Pass an instance of the class to the List<T>.Sort(IComarer<T>) method[^].
Richard Deeming 15-Jun-23 9:05am    
The other alternative, assuming you only care about List<T> sorting, would be to use a Comparison<T> delegate:
listOfStudents.Sort((x, y) => x is null ? (y is null ? 0 : -1) : (y is null ? 1 : x.Age.CompareTo(y.Age)));

If your list will never contain null values, you can simplify that to:
listOfStudents.Sort((x, y) => x.Age.CompareTo(y.Age));

List<T>.Sort Method (System.Collections.Generic) | Microsoft Learn[^]
Richard Deeming 15-Jun-23 9:07am    
Or, if you're not worried about memory usage, use LINQ:
listOfStudents = listOfStudents.OrderBy(x => x.Age).ToList();
Tim the Gamer 15-Jun-23 9:15am    
_listOfStudents.Sort((x, y) => x.Age.CompareTo(y.Age));_ worked without implementing your class.

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