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I work on sql server 2019 i have issue i can't get percentage of two string from table

so i will compare between two string columns (PartText,MaskText)
and i will display similar percentage of two column

so as sample 'TR00123907FG','KB00123907FG' two string different only on first two charachters

so difference will be 80 percent

create table #compareTextPercentage
 PartText varchar(50),
 MaskText varchar(50)
 insert into #compareTextPercentage(PartText,MaskText)

expected result

What I have tried:

i try using difference but not give me accurate result
DECLARE @tbl table (ID INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY,  PartText varchar(50),  MaskText varchar(50));
 INSERT INTO @tbl (PartText,MaskText) VALUES
  , Diff = DIFFERENCE(PartText, MaskText) * 25
 FROM @tbl;
Updated 1-Nov-22 20:15pm

1 solution

You will have to write your own function: DIFFERENCE returns an integer between 0 and 4 inclusive, which means the only values you can get from your code are 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.
SQL Server DIFFERENCE() Function[^]
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