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Is there any skincare API available that I can integrate into my client's WordPress website? The API should support functionality like uploading a face picture and returning information on face problems such as acne, pigmentation, etc. If anyone knows of such an API that fulfills my requirements, please share the details.

What I have tried:

I tried searching on Google for potential APIs, but unfortunately, many of them turned out to be quite costly. I'm still looking for an affordable option that can fulfill my requirements for face picture analysis. If anyone knows of any budget-friendly APIs, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. Thank you!
Updated 20-Jul-23 2:31am
Dave Kreskowiak 20-Jul-23 11:36am    
Not free? Imagine that. Imagine all the work that went into creating these API's, writing and training AI models to classify skin conditions, and the expense that went into that work. Imagine the liability involved if the diagnosis is incorrect. What are the costs of being sued for such malpractice?

...and you want all that for free? I doubt that stuff is going to be free for at least the next 20 to 30 years.
Gerry Schmitz 20-Jul-23 12:20pm    
This is not the Shopping Channel. We work with face recognition and object detection.

If there is such an API then Google is the place to go to find it. This forum is for specific technical programming questions.
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If such an API exists (and it probably does) it's going to be really specialist, and almost certainly proprietary - an intellectual property that a make manufacture has invested a considerable amount of effort in and would be unwilling to share with competitors.

As such, I doubt you will find one, but Google is the place to start looking. "Find me an API" doesn't fall under the heading of "technical queries" and is thus outside the scope of this site.
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I tried searching on Google for potential APIs, but unfortunately, many of them turned out to be quite costly.

So you found !
As it is medical diagnostic, the API maker hold responsibility, and such thing comes with cost.
By the way, make sure you are insured for providing medical diagnostics, and that it apply to internet site..
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