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Hi, I have a string with some keyword and values follow. I want to get value after keyword using Regex. For example in this case. I want to get values of class and student.

  <A "SCHOOL">
      <A "CLASSID">
      <A "A01">
      <A "STUDENTID">
      <A "SB1234">

I want value ClassID is <A "A01"> and StudentID is <A "SB1234">
I have tried this regex, but the result not pretty.

Demo regex

What I have tried:

I tried with this Regex
var _matchClassID = Regex.Match(_str.Replace("\r\n", ""), @"\<A ""CLASSID"">(.*?)\"">");
var _matchStudentID = Regex.Match(_str.Replace("\r\n", ""), @"\<A ""STUDENTID"">(.*?)\"">");
//// I want value like this 
//// ClassID is   <A "A01">   and StudentID is   <A "SB1234">
Updated 5-Aug-23 2:51am
PIEBALDconsult 5-Aug-23 11:12am    
If the string is XML, use XPath.

Try this:
string regex = "(\\<A\\s\"CLASSID\"\\>.*?\"(?<ClassID>.*?)\").*?(\\<A\\s\"STUDENTID\"\\>.*?\"(?<StudentID>.*?)\")";
            string input = "KEYSTRING\r\n<Tag\r\n  <A \"SCHOOL\">\r\n  <Tag\r\n    <Tag\r\n      <A \"CLASSID\">\r\n      <A \"A01\">\r\n    >\r\n    <Tag\r\n      <A \"STUDENTID\">\r\n      <A \"SB1234\">\r\n    >\r\n  >\r\n>.";
            Match matched = Regex.Match(input, regex, RegexOptions.Singleline);
            if (matched.Success)
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headshot9x 5-Aug-23 8:53am    
It's look good, I have other idea also, see my answer :]]
Oh, After look at some idea from OriginalGriff. I try spend more time to debug and get like this. Demo link . By the way, all option probably working fine.

var _matchClassID = Regex.Match(input.Replace("\r\n", ""), @"\<A ""CLASSID"">.*?(\<A "".*?"">)");
var _matchStudentID = Regex.Match(input.Replace("\r\n", ""), @"\<A ""STUDENTID"">.*?(\<A "".*?"">)");
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PIEBALDconsult 6-Aug-23 16:31pm    
Please don't try to answer your own question, just use the Improve question button to add detail.

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