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Importing the statement:
import snowflake.connector

is giving the following error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'snowflake.connector'; 'snowflake' is not a package

I installed the package as per the official documentation:
pip install snowflake-connector-python

NOTE: I've already tried the existing solutions to this issue, none of them work.

What I have tried:

I checked 'pip list' &
snowflake-connector-python 3.1.1 has been successfully installed & the same Python interpreter is being used for installation & program execution.
Updated 31-Aug-23 7:26am
CHill60 30-Aug-23 10:12am    
What version of Python are you using?
Apoorva 2022 30-Aug-23 11:31am    
Python 3.9.15
Richard MacCutchan 30-Aug-23 10:20am    
I just tried that and it works correctly. So you need to provide more information about your setup.
You can check correct installation by looking in your Python installation directory tree. You should have the following folders in order:
Lib -> site-packages -> snowflake -> connector.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Aug-23 10:26am    
Also pip list should show snowflake-connector-python, not Snowflake.
Apoorva 2022 30-Aug-23 11:31am    
snowflake-connector-python 3.1.1; Pip list does show it.

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