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I'm currently working on an ASP.NET Core project, and I've run into an issue while trying to implement OAuth authentication. I would greatly appreciate your insights and assistance in resolving this problem.

Issue Details

Problem Description:
I'm attempting to integrate OAuth authentication into my ASP.NET Core web application to allow users to log in using their Google accounts. However, I'm encountering difficulties with the authentication flow and retrieving user information after successful authentication.

Code Snippet:
Here's a simplified snippet of my authentication configuration in the Startup.cs file:
services.AddAuthentication(options =>
    options.DefaultScheme = CookieAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationScheme;
    options.DefaultChallengeScheme = GoogleDefaults.AuthenticationScheme;
.AddGoogle(options =>
    options.ClientId = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID";
    options.ClientSecret = "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET";

Specific Issues:
The OAuth authentication flow seems to be working, but I'm unsure how to access user information (e.g., email, name) after a successful login.
I'm also facing difficulties in handling authentication events, such as redirecting users to specific pages after login.
What I've tried:

I've reviewed the official ASP.NET Core documentation and various tutorials, but I'm still having trouble with the implementation.
I've ensured that my Google API credentials are correctly configured.
Request for Assistance:

I'm seeking guidance on how to successfully implement OAuth authentication in ASP.NET Core and retrieve user information after authentication. Any insights, code examples, or resources you can provide to help me overcome this challenge would be greatly appreciated.

What I have tried:

Documentation Review: I thoroughly reviewed the official documentation provided by Microsoft for OAuth authentication in ASP.NET Core. This included understanding the configuration steps required for setting up OAuth providers like Google.

Tutorials and Guides: I explored numerous online tutorials and guides related to OAuth authentication in ASP.NET Core. I implemented the recommended solutions and best practices from these resources, trying to align them with my project.

Configuration Verification: I verified the accuracy of my OAuth client credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) for the Google API. I ensured that these credentials were properly set up and linked to my project.

Debugging: To gain deeper insights into the authentication flow, I used debugging tools extensively. While I observed that the OAuth authentication process appeared to work, I encountered difficulties in extracting user information and handling authentication events effectively.

Community Forums Research: Before posting my issue on the CodeProject community forum, I scoured various community forums and Q&A platforms, including Stack Overflow. I searched for similar issues and potential solutions. Although I discovered related discussions, none of them offered a definitive resolution to my specific problem.

Despite these efforts, I have not been able to fully resolve the OAuth authentication issue within my ASP.NET Core project. I suspect that there may be nuances or specific implementation details that I may have overlooked.

By seeking assistance from the CodeProject community, I hope to gain fresh insights, alternative approaches, or specific guidance that can help me overcome this challenge.

I appreciate any suggestions or directions that community members may provide to help me address this issue effectively. Thank you for your support and expertise.
Updated 15-Sep-23 4:16am

1 solution

These YouTube videos will show you how with Google + more: ASP.NET Core Authentication (.NET 7 Minimal Apis C#) - YouTube[^]

If you want to look at other solutions, then here is a YouTube search with many other examples: c# core google authentication - YouTube[^]
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