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Hi Everyone,

How to access SSRS Report Server and download Report (.rdl) with dynamic parameters.

Currently I am getting the following exception.
The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Ntlm'. The authentication header received from the server was 'Basic realm=""'.

Can someone help me to resolve this issue.

What I have tried:

My Code is :
       public IActionResult Index(ReportServer model)
           ReportServer reportServer = _appSettings.ReportServer;
           reportServer.BirthId = model.BirthId;
           reportServer.ReportName = model.ReportName;
           _logger.LogInformation("---------------Report Execution Started------------------------");
           _logger.LogInformation($"entity: {JsonConvert.SerializeObject(reportServer)}");
           ReportResponse result = null;
               ReportSettings reportSettings = new ReportSettings()
                   ReportServer = reportServer.Name,
                   Credential = reportServer.UserName.Contains("\\") ?
                   new NetworkCredential(reportServer.UserName, reportServer.Password) :
                   new NetworkCredential(reportServer.UserName, reportServer.Password, reportServer.Domain)
               _logger.LogInformation($"reportSettings: {JsonConvert.SerializeObject(reportSettings)}");
               ServerReport serverReport = new ServerReport(reportSettings);
               ReportRequest reportRequest = new ReportRequest()
                   Name = reportServer.ReportName,
                   Path = $"{reportServer.BirthReportPath}/{reportServer.ReportName}",
                   RenderType = ReportRenderType.Pdf,
                   ExecuteType = ReportExecuteType.Export,
                   Reset = true


               reportRequest.Parameters.Add("BirthId", reportServer.BirthId);
               _logger.LogInformation("serverReport.Execute method execution started ");
               result = serverReport.Execute(reportRequest);
               _logger.LogInformation($"serverReport.Execute method execution Ended. Statue:{result.Status},Message:{result.Message}");
               _logger.LogInformation("---------------Report Execution Started------------------------");
               if (result.Data.Stream != null)
                   byte[] streamData = result.Data.Stream;
                   result = null;
                   return File(streamData, "application/pdf", reportServer.ReportName);
                   return NotFound(reportServer.ReportName + " Report Not Found" + System.Environment.NewLine + "Error Message=" + result.Message);
           catch (Exception ex)
               _logger.LogError(ex, ex.Message);
               return RedirectToAction("Error");
               result = null;

How to send the authentication type in this code.

Richard Deeming 16-Sep-21 9:50am    
What library are you using to call SSRS from .NET Core? Last time I checked, Microsoft don't provide support for .NET Core / .NET 5, since the SSRS library is intricately linked with WebForms, which are no longer supported.
suman palla 16-Sep-21 10:17am    
Hi Richard,
using AspNetCore.Reporting, Version=,
Richard Deeming 16-Sep-21 10:21am    
It might be worth seeing whether anyone else has encountered that issue, and reporting it if not:
Issues · amh1979/AspNetCore.Reporting · GitHub[^]

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