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I'm developing a .NET Core app and I need to make some tests for Repository. Nevertheless, I had some problem for Net Core Test explorer configuration. When I settle down the test project path, it couldn't be seen it in Test explorer tree. I did everything and followed all possible steps ( without success. So, I'd like someone to help to configure the Test Explorer global path given this project structure:

├── NetCoreApi
    ├── Controllers
    ├── Data
    ├── Models
    ├── NetCoreApi.Tests
    │   ├── NetCoreApi.Tests.csproj
    │   ├── UnitTest1.cs
    │   ├── Usings.cs  
    ├── NetCoreApi.csproj
    ├── NetCoreApi.sln
    ├── Program.cs
    ├── Properties
    ├── Dockerfile
    ├── appsettings.Development.json
    ├── appsettings.json
    ├── bin 

What I have tried:

I tried the following step (Test a .NET class library using Visual Studio Code - .NET | Microsoft Learn[^]) and it didn't worked as expected. Later, I move to setting.json and settle a new:

"dotnet-test-explorer.testProjectPath": "NetCoreApi.Tests/NetCoreApi.Tests.csproj"

But test explorer tree didn't recognize the project folder.
Updated 2-Oct-23 3:55am

1 solution

Why are you putting a project within another project? Each project should be it's own branch set.
  ├── NetCoreApi.csproj
  │     ├── project folders and files goes here
  ├── NetCoreApi.Tests.csproj
  │     ├── project folders and files goes here

If you have many projects in a solution, then you can use virtual folders to group "like" projects:
  ├── App
  │     ├── projects go here
  ├── Database
  │     ├── projects go here
  ├── Libraries
  │     ├── projects go here
  ├── Tests
  │     ├── projects go here
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