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void CMFCwithCSharpDlg::OnBnClickedBtnAdd()
	CSharp::CSharpMath^ mathClass = gcnew CSharp::CSharpMath();
	int result = mathClass->Add(2, 6);

	char buf[200];
	sprintf_s(buf, "result: %d", result);
	CStringA cstr1("Hello");

	CString str = theApp.m_lpCmdLine;
	std::wstring ws(str);
	std::string s;

	s.assign(ws.begin(), ws.end());
	//MessageBoxA(GetSafeHwnd(), buf, "Message", MB_OK);


What I have tried:

I tried to use string but in c++ there is std::string and in c# System::string, so I don't know how I can do
Updated 30-Nov-23 8:32am
CPallini 30-Nov-23 9:51am    
And... Where is the C# System::String?
Member 14594285 30-Nov-23 10:00am    
In fact I dont know how I can pass to std::string to System string to pass variable to PrintLabelAction

To convert a 'std::string' to a C# 'System::String' in C++, you can use 'msclr::interop::marshal_as' This header gives you utilities to use for converting between managed and native types, more on this here -
Managed C++ to C# Conversion

#include <msclr/marshal_cppstd.h>

//Using your std::string named 's' that you want to convert...
std::string s = "YourStandardStringHere";

//Convert your std::string to System::String...
System::String^ csString = msclr::interop::marshal_as<System::String^>(s);
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.NET string type constructor accepts the raw character array as an arguments.
So, along with marshal_as you can do it next way:
std::string std_string = "Some text";
String^ s = gcnew String(std_string.c_str());

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Since you are using C++/CLI then you should also use String Class (System) | Microsoft Learn[^].
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Member 14594285 30-Nov-23 10:17am    
but I can use System only in c#..and for c++?
Richard MacCutchan 30-Nov-23 10:18am    
You are using gcnew which is part of .NET, so you must have access to all its other features.
Member 14594285 30-Nov-23 10:22am    
I have error if I write using System..I don't know why
Richard MacCutchan 30-Nov-23 10:43am    
Sorry, but we cannot guess what you are doing, or what happens. You need to provide a proper detailed explanation of your problem.

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