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I want to create a website without knowledge of programming. I use figma and webflow. The problem is that the prices of websites created using programming remain higher than the sites that I create and have better control. Is there a way to convert a website created using webflow to coding without programming experience? I heard about Udesly or PixelGeek, but if I converted the site using Udesly or PixelGeek. Is there still a difference between it and the coding site

What I have tried:

I built websites using webflow and figma
Updated 19-Dec-23 2:34am
Andre Oosthuizen 19-Dec-23 8:44am    
Your question is unclear. If you want to build very basic static sites, you are good to use 3rd party tools. If you start getting into interactive, dynamic data driven sites, you will have to either learn a proper coding language (there are plenty, all depends on your choice) or you need to hire a professional.
mohamed gawdat 19-Dec-23 12:32pm    
I will clarify the question for you. As far as I know, the features and prices of websites created using coding are efficient, more expensive, and give them full control compared to webflow. My question is: I want to convert a website after creating it using webflow to become a site created using coding and containing all the features that a coding website has, but without learning coding. Is this possible
Andre Oosthuizen 19-Dec-23 12:47pm    
Unfortunately not, if that was the case we would have had thousands of sites written by 3rd party tools and devops or programmers would have been obsolete.
mohamed gawdat 19-Dec-23 13:41pm    
If you right so what is Udesly or PixelGeek used for i ask chatgpt and he say you can convert it using
Udesly or PixelGeek i’m not saying you wrong probably gpt is dumb put
How can Udesly or Pixel Geek help me?
[no name] 19-Dec-23 13:28pm    
If all you do is generate "static" pages, I would say it is possible to get somewhere by viewing the site in question in a browser, and "saving" the site "as" (as series of) HTML web pages. If there are database queries involved, then you have to add that (as backend code).

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