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Hi folks.
I need a data grid in wpf with 10 cells.
But the first 3 columns be in first cell in vertical order. And ofcourse the font size will be less.
So what you will see in monitor is a row with 7 columns but the first column have 3 cells vertically.
I made a sample of what I need in excel. Please see the attachment.
My Sample Grid — Postimages[^]

Please kindly help me on this.

What I have tried:

Actually I searched a lot, but I could not find any solution.
Updated 30-Dec-23 0:04am
CHill60 29-Dec-23 6:30am    
I can't use your link, but I think you'll have to build a custom control - probably a combination of a 1 by 3 datagrid next to a 1 by 7 datagrid. Trying to populate it will be fun.
Sh.H. 29-Dec-23 6:34am    
CHill60 29-Dec-23 7:54am    
[no name] 29-Dec-23 14:45pm    
DataGrid is too "abstract" (in this case); and used mainly for "variable" rows and colums. You know what you have (3x7): use a "Grid" (Panel); WrapPanel or UniformGrid. (Or combinations of StackPanels; oriented horizontally or vertically). Or all of the above ... except DataGrid.
Sh.H. 30-Dec-23 5:44am    
I do not need a 3x7 grid. I need a 1x10 grid, which the first 3 cells would be vertical.

(After looking at your picture ...) Use a "DataGridTemplateColumn" to define a "stack" for the first cell. See the "Publish Date" in the example.

DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate Property (System.Windows.Controls) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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Sh.H. 30-Dec-23 15:22pm    
Thanks Gerry Schmitz.
But it is not what I want. I do not want to change the designing of first cell.
I do not need a 3x7 DataGrid.
What I need is a 1x10 DataGrid, but just the first 3 columns, shows in vertical way.
Graeme_Grant 5-Jan-24 7:11am    
Why not? It is how I would do it. It is a custom cell.
Regarding your question about merging cells in a WPF grid, check out the below links, which offers a solution aligned with your requirements.
How to merge datacells in WPF DataGridView[^]
Wpf – Datagrid, Merge/Combine rows, cells and columns – iTecNote[^]
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Take a look at WPF: A Beginner's Guide - Part 1 of n[^] by the excellent Sacha Barber.
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