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Issue with installing latest version (2.3.4) on a Windows computer that had 1.6.8 previously.

What I have tried:

I had Codeproject 1.6.8 installed running fine with Blue Iris. Today I thought of updating my codeproject to latest version (2.3.4). I installed it and then Blue Iris couldn't interface with it anymore (Gave me an error 'Could not start (258); check path (CodeProject.AI service).

I proceeded to un-install both 1.6.8 app (which was still in my windows apps) and 2.3.4, rebooted the computer and tried again with same issues.

When everything is un-installed and folders are manually deleted and when I try to re-install (2.3.4) I can't log to the dashboard at localhost:32168 but somehow still works. Once in it tells me it's unable to contact AI server though.

I tried to manually start (from services.msc) codeproject server but it doesnt work. Interesting fact, when trying to un-install 2.3.4 it stalls and doesn't complete until I initiate a windows reboot.

Your help is very appreciated. Happy to provide more details if useful

Best to ask this question here: CodeProject.AI Discussions[^]
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Managed to find a solution, at this forum, post #8.
CodeProject Ai Server 2.0.7 BlueIris Error 1053 | IP Cam Talk[^]
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