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I am having issue while passing the client id value of control getting changed in JavaScript. I am getting exception while passing the value of a dropdown (ctl00_cphDDS_drdInstructionCode) as updated below.
In one server it is rendering as ctl00_cphDDS_drdInstructionCode but in another server it is rendering as cphDDS_drdInstructionCode. Application is running in with 4.6.2 framework. I want to resolve this issue globally. Sample code is updated below.

What I have tried:

Code is as below:
var DropdownList = document.getElementById("ctl00_cphDDS_drdInstructionCode");
var SelectedIndex = DropdownList.selectedIndex;
var SelectedValue = DropdownList.options[DropdownList.selectedIndex].value;
var txtComments = document.getElementById("ctl00_cphDDS_txtUserComments").value;
Updated 25-Jan-24 3:28am

1 solution

You can use the ClientIDMode="Static" attribute on the control (DropDownList), which ensures that the client ID remains the same as the server ID.
<asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="drdInstructionCode" ClientIDMode="Static">
    <!-- Your rest of code -->
This approach should help you avoid issues related to varying client IDs in different server environments. Also see the link to explore this feature
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