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How to get client id value of a control via JavaScript in JS file in content page and the JS file is referred from the same page.
I am working in .net framework 3.5. I am fetching the client id value as below
document.getElementById('<%=txtDDAExpiryDate.ClientID%>').value;. I am getting below exception
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'value')

What I have tried:

Code as below
Updated 12-Feb-24 23:44pm

Always start by reading the documentation: Document: getElementById() method - Web APIs | MDN[^] - it's pretty clear that it returns a null when the element with that ID doesn't exist:
An Element object describing the DOM element object matching the specified ID, or null if no matching element was found in the document.
So now you need to know what - exactly - txtDDAExpiryDate.ClientID is returning from the server, then try to match that manually against your HTML.
That'll tell you where the problem is: Server side or Client side.
And when you know that, you should be able to solve it.

Use the debugger (or just write it on the page) to find out.

Sorry, but we can't do that for you - time for you to learn a new (and very, very useful) skill: debugging!
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Member 7513082 13-Feb-24 8:03am    
Issue is client side itself
with below
document.getElementById('ctl00_cphDDS_ddlBankType').value; it works in JS file
but with this document.getElementById('<%=ddlBankType.ClientID %>').value i get null exception in JS file
OriginalGriff 13-Feb-24 8:24am    
How do you know that?
What have you done to prove that, or did you just assume a client side error because it was the browser that reported it?

Think about it: if the Server side returned "Hello World!" what would the browser do?
Member 7513082 13-Feb-24 8:33am    
if I fetch control id value using document.getElementById('<%=ddlBankType.ClientID %>').value in aspx content page it works . but if i try to access the same control same way in JS file it gives null exception. if i hardcode the control id value as below in external js it works
How can get the control id value in external js file without hardcoding via javascript
Because IDs in an HTML document are supposed to be unique, WebForms "mangles" the ID of any server-side control by combining it with the ID of every "naming container" in its hierarchy.

If you can move to .NET 4.x, then you may be able to use the ClientIDMode property[^] to override that behaviour.

Otherwise, you'll need to find another way to identify your element. For example:
Document: querySelector() method - Web APIs | MDN[^]
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