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I'm trying to create a Web Form using [ASP.NET Web Forms Site] template,
Visual Studio 2022, but I'm facing problems with the controls.

Adding labels is fine but, the moment I add a textbox, followed by a button, they overlap and become 'glued' together?

I can't move the button away from the textbox, and the same happens when I add another textbox, or add a button then textbox.

What I have tried:

I tried to add the controls by code, not toolbox, but the same happened.
I tried to search for a solution online, but I didn't find one yet.
Richard Deeming 30-Apr-24 7:34am    
The WebForms designer is an abomination, which generates markup which was awful 20 years ago, and which is aimed at the now-deceased Internet Explorer browser.

It may have its place when you're learning how the controls' server-side markup works. But once you've got the hang of that, you should ditch the designer.

Better yet, skip WebForms completely. Unless you're maintaining an existing ancient site, go straight for a more modern alternative instead.
Graeme_Grant 30-Apr-24 7:54am    
A virtual +5
Pete O'Hanlon 1-May-24 14:38pm    
Print this out and frame it. We can close the Internet now for we have reached peak perfection with your reply.

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