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Hello All

I am a visual foxpro developer just learning visual basic. Visual Foxpro supports macro substitution. I have not been able to find anything like it in visual basic. Let me explain what I mean in case it's called something else in VB.

In VFP you can create variables similar to the following:

strCommand = "Select * from "
strTable = "Products"

Then we concatenate them:

strSqlSelect = strCommand + StrTable
so that strSqlSelect = "Select * from Products"

Then we issue a macro substitution as follows:


The ampersand (indicating macro substitution) instructs the compiler to ignore the variable but to execute the command inside the variable.

Does VB have anything similar. I am trying to develop one linq command that will query several different tables based upon the value of the variable passed to the command. I have only seen examples where each query is typed separately. Does anyone have an example.

Thanks for your help.


1 solution

I believe there is no such thing as macro substitution in VB. I used to use macro substitution a lot when I was using dBASEIII many years ago. So when I later started to use other languages one of the things I was looking for was macro substitution. Up to now I cannot find anything like that.

Some people may say it is because dBASEIII was interpreted, not compiled. I have not used Visual FoxPro, but I believe it is compiled. I would like to see more on this topic.

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