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Hello All,

I am trying to insert a tv episode into a database. I have tried everything but it will only add one item, the last episode. It is iterating correctly but it never adds more than just one item. What am I missing? I know it is something stupid but I have been staring at this for over an hour trying to fix it but no success. Database is already created, file exists and opens. Iterates correctly.... WHAT AM I MISSING??? Rrrrg.

Any ideas?

And if you have a second, I would love to do it with a transaction (that's where I started) but that, of course, didn't work either.



Dim strFile As String = DBFile
Dim SQLconnect As New SQLiteConnection()

SQLconnect.ConnectionString = "Data Source=" & strFile

For i As Integer = 0 To _TvSeries.Episodes.Length - 1

    'SeriesId, EpisodeName, SeasonNumber, EpisodeNumber, Overview, Director, Rating, PosterUrl, Writers
        Dim cmd As New SQLiteCommand("Insert or Replace Into " & _TvSeries.SeriesName.Replace(" ", "_") & " (SeriesId,EpisodeName,SeasonNumber,EpisodeNumber,Overview,Director,Rating,PosterUrl,Writers) VALUES (@SeriesId, @EpisodeName, @SeasonNumber, @EpisodeNumber, @Overview, @Director, @Rating, @PosterUrl, @Writers);", SQLconnect)
        '@SeriesId, EpisodeName, SeasonNumber, EpisodeNumber, Overview, Director, Rating, PosterUrl, Writers
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@SeriesId", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.SeriesId
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@EpisodeName", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).EpisodeName
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@SeasonNumber", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).SeasonNumber
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@EpisodeNumber", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).EpisodeNumber
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@Overview", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).Overview
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@Director", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).Director
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@Rating", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).Rating
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@PosterUrl", Data.DbType.String).Value = _TvSeries.Episodes(i).PosterUrl

        Dim writers As String = ""
        For Each strwriters In _TvSeries.Episodes(i).Writers
            writers += strwriters + "|"
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@Writers", Data.DbType.String).Value = writers
        Dim inte As Integer = 0


    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try


        If Not SQLconnect Is Nothing Then SQLconnect.Dispose()
    Catch ex As Exception

    End Try
Catch ex As Exception
End Try

1 solution

Sigh.... Figured it out. Didn't put in an AUTOINCREMENTing primary key. I had a primary key, but it didn't autoincrement. So for you google users that find this, there you go.
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