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I have never worked with php before and my work wants to use adobe captivate for testing but our webserver isnt allowed to use php. can someone help me in converting the below php file to

<?php # InternalServerReporting.php
# Copyright 2000-2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
   print "<pre>\n";

   foreach ($_POST as $k => $v) 
  	  if($k == "CompanyName")
	    $CompanyName = $v;
      if($k == "DepartmentName")
	    $DepartmentName = $v;
      if($k == "CourseName")
	    $CourseName = $v;
      if($k == "Filename")
      	$Filename = $v;
      if($k == "Filedata")
		$Filedata = stripslashes($v);
		$Filedata = $v;

	$ResultFolder = "./"."CaptivateResults";
	$CompanyFolder = $ResultFolder."//".$CompanyName;
	$DepartmentFolder = $CompanyFolder."//".$DepartmentName;
	$CourseFolder = $DepartmentFolder."//".$CourseName;
	$FilePath = $CourseFolder."//".$Filename;
	$Handle = fopen($FilePath, 'w');
	fwrite($Handle, $Filedata);

   print "</pre>\n";
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Feb-13 11:43am    
This is not a question, rather an order to make some work for your...
Richard C Bishop 18-Feb-13 11:45am    
PHP is a scripting language, ASP.Net is a development environment. You cannot convert one into the other.

1 solution

Best way is to do it manually.

If you still ask for, you can have a look at this:[^], though it will convert to v1.1, should be good enough for you to convert into desired version post that.
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