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Dear All,

I have created TCP/IP Application.

1)In Java , i have created for client application
2)In c++ Language , i have created for server application.

here Communication is happening between the client and server,But the problem is NOT RECEIVEING the all messages, which has been sent by Server(JAVA COMPONENT).

How can i validate am i receving all the data,
what ever data ,in which JAVA component(client) is sending
to C++ COMPONENT(server).

Any one can clarify................

Richard MacCutchan 22-Feb-13 10:20am    
Without some more information it is impossible to guess what may be happening. Are you sure that your client and server are connecting to each other correctly?
ranjithkumar81 23-Oct-13 7:28am    

I am able to receive the data
Richard MacCutchan 23-Oct-13 9:21am    
If you are concerned about receiving all the data then add some control bytes to your messages so you can clearly identify the message size and maybe even add a checksum at the end.
jeron1 22-Feb-13 14:21pm    
How are your messages identified? If Nagle algorithm breaks up one of your messages into multiple packets how does your program respond?

1 solution

Assuming the client and server are on different systems, you can use a third machine as a packet sniffer and watch interaction on the wire. [You can not monitor packets for a machine on the same machine.]
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ranjithkumar81 23-Oct-13 7:29am    
How? can you explain more about it?
H.Brydon 23-Oct-13 8:05am    
The Wikipedia page at has a reasonable explanation of packet analyzers in general, and some good leads on free software and "how to" links.

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