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I am a bit new to developing WCF services and am running into two issues when invoking a WCF web service from an Android app.

1. Intermittent Connection Refused Error (HttpHostConnectException) - This happens if I attempt to connect to the web service after a few minutes of inactivity.

2. Connection reset by peer - This occurs when one specific web service method has to process a lot of records. This same method works fine for smaller results sets. I suspect this may have to do with the ASP.NET process worker and I have been experimenting with different timeout intervals in IIS but the problem persists.

Any help with the above is greatly appreciated.

- IIS7.5 running on a Windows Server 8 machine with a single process worker
- Enabled IIS Authentication Modes: Anonymous, Windows
- Android v 2.3.3 referencing JCIFS library for NTLM authentication
- Calling a RESTful WCF Web Service using HTTP POST
- WCF Session State Mode="Off", CookieLess = "UseDeviceProfile", regenerateExpiredSessionId="true"



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