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First time posting a question:

I am trying to code a simple Sudoku game that is 4x4 instead of the 9x9, such that it has 4 rows and 4 columns that are divided into 4 2x2 sections.

I can generate random numbers fine, but I need to code it so that no number in a row, column and section are duplicated.

The variable for the individual tiles is Dim'd As Integer, and set up as follows:

Dim int13A As Integer

The design is: int(Row)(Column)(Section) so "int13A" is located at Row 1, Column 3,
Section A.

My code for each array is this, with appropriate names for each:

Dim arrRow1(3) As Integer
    arrRow1(0) = int11A
    arrRow1(1) = int12A
    arrRow1(2) = int13B
    arrRow1(3) = int14B

If arrRow1(0) = 1 And arrRow1(1) = 2 And arrRow1(2) = 3 And arrRow1(3) = 4 Then
    blnRow1 = True
    blnRow1 = False
End If

I have a Do - Loop Until blnValidGrid = True that looks for True for each row 1-4, then each column 1-4 and then each block 1-4; if all return true, I get the blnValidGrid = True. If not, it regenerates the grid and attempts to validate again.

I am missing something somewhere cause it just goes into an infinite loop... :(

Any thoughts??


Updated 12-Mar-13 4:13am

I'll be honest, first time using this so I am not sure what you mean by "hashtable"... Pretty novice, but getting better every day!
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Darkness_07 12-Mar-13 9:55am    
Try to use Randomize

And do this...instead of declaring the array one by one

Dim arrow1() as integer
Dim x as integer
Dim y as integer


for x=0 to 3
for y=0 to 3
arrow1(x,y)=int(4 * Rnd +1)
next y
next x

4 is you rows and columns and the range of your sudoku number.
hi HenryCasch
you can hashtable for insert data
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[no name] 12-Mar-13 9:14am    
and how will it solve the problem?

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