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I am trying to write a program to calculate the exponential of a number using ARM-C inter-working. I am using LPC1769(cortex m3) for debuuging. The following is the code:
 /*here is the main.c file*/
/*function prototypes*/
#include <<stdio.h>>
#include <<stdlib.h>>
extern int Start (void);
extern int* Exponentiatecore(int *m,int *n);
void print(int i);
int Exponentiate(int *m,int *n);
int main()
return 0;

int Exponentiate(int *m,int *n)
    if (*n==0)
        return 1;
        int *result=NULL;
        result=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));
        return (result);


void print(int i)

/*end of C file */

this is the assembly code which complements the above C code

.syntax unified
		 	.cpu cortex-m3

		 	.global	Start
		 	.global Exponentiatecore

		mov r10,lr
	        ldr r0,=label1
		ldr r1,=label2
		bl Exponentiate
		ldr r0,[r0]
		bl print
		mov lr,r10
		mov pc,lr

Exponentiatecore:          // r0-&m, r1-&n
ldr r0,[r0]
mov r2,r0
ldr r1,[r1]

mul r2,r0
subs r1,#1
bne loop
mov r0,r2
bx lr

.word 0x02

.word 0x03

however during the debug session, I encounter a Hardfault error for the execution of "Exponentiatecore(m,n)". During the first branch from assembly to C i.e. BL Exponentiate-- LR is saved. Again during second branch to assembly routine Exponentiatecore(m,n) LR is over written. This is the line I am facing the hardfault error. Any suggestions are appreciated.

as seen in debug window.

Name : HardFault_Handler
Details:{void (void)} 0x21c <<HardFault_Handler>>
Default:{void (void)} 0x21c <<HardFault_Handler>>
Decimal:<<error reading variable>>
Hex:<<error reading variable>>
Binary:<<error reading variable>>
Octal:<<error reading variable>>

Am I making some stack corruption during alignment or is there a mistake in my interpretation? please kindly help. thankyou in advance
Updated 22-Mar-13 8:46am

1 solution

This is not my area of expertise, so if I am being misled by a syntax that I don't really understand, please ignore me.

With that in mind, my question is: Where does this line take you ?
bl Exponentiate
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Venkatesh Kuppan 23-Mar-13 2:11am    
bl exponentiate will take you to the C function Exponentiate(int *m,int *n); Registers r0 and r1 will have the contain the paramenters

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