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How do I rollback/undo UPDATE command in SQL Server 2008?
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-13 15:11pm    
You cannot. You may restore the database to a previous date or delete a row or change the data in a row, but you can't undo something.
Prasad Khandekar 17-Apr-13 15:29pm    
Hello Angela,

You can use transaction management. Basically you wrap your update statement in BEGIN TRAN AND ROLLBACK TRAN. See more info on this here (


If you have backup ready all you need to do is to restore it to new database and import to your database from there.
You can recover from transaction log but for that you will need to use some transaction log reader. Only one I can think of is ApexSQL Log[^]

Another option for reading transaction log are undocumented commands such as DBCC Log and fn_log. You try using these but it’s pretty complex.
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If you does not provide rollback transaction in your query, you can't undo changes made by update query!
You can restore database from backup, but yf you don't have a copy of database, you're in trouble ;(
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