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Hi there,
Can somebody please help me out... i am new to C# application and i don't know if following is possible...
i am currently developing an application in C#, which needs to have a graphical representation of some data. The time stamp of that data is recorded in certain device, i have to read it using certain protocol and it needs to be plotted against time dynamically. The time can vary from seconds to years. So the application needs to have resolution from years to seconds. Moreover one should be able to zoom into particular area on this chart to see the second's resolution and zoom out using mouse scroll. The user should be able to see all the data corresponding to a particular data point on just hovering the mouse over that particular data point.

I am doing all the above things using Microsoft charting tool (MsChart). Please tell me if it is possible to do it in MsChart. I am using MsChart tool which comes free with .NET 4.0. If yes, then please provide me link/code snippet to achieve the same. Otherwise, suggest me some other tool, be it paid one or open source, using which i can do my intended task.
Updated 18-Apr-13 4:32am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Apr-13 0:23am    
Sorry, this is a "sophisticated" non-question. We do not consider non-questions in this forum...

1 solution

OK - try this:
There are a few (1000) articles on this site about Charts and using MS Charts. Search articles on that, read them see if you find what you are after.
Your question is a good requirement description, but without a contract you will struggle to get anyone to write this amount of code for you.

If you like you can write an article yourself on how you eventually get it to work.

A couple of example articles:
New Microsoft Chart Controls for Web and Windows Forms Applications[^]

Windows Charting Application[^]
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