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I have coded a function to read in a csv file but half way through the parsing the program crashes giving me errors in strcat.

The errors are at the third field which is phone.I can't spot the error I have made in this read function.Anyone have an idea where I'm going of track here?

struct contact *readFile( struct contact *ptrList)
    struct contact *head, *newContact;
    FILE *fptr;
    char oneLine[CONTACT_MAX];
    char *sn, *fn, *ph, *co;
    head = ptrList;
    head = NULL;

    //open test.csv to be read
    fptr = fopen("test.csv", "r");

    if( fptr == NULL )
        printf("\nCouldn't open %s...");
    fgets(oneLine, CONTACT_MAX, fptr);

    while( !feof(fptr) )
        fgets(oneLine, CONTACT_MAX, fptr); // process the next line to be tokenized
        if (oneLine[strlen(oneLine) - 1] == '\n')
            oneLine[strlen(oneLine) - 1] = '\0';
        sn = strtok(oneLine, " , ");
        fn = strtok(NULL, " , ");
        ph = strtok(NULL, " , ");
        co = strtok(NULL, " , ");

        if ( head == NULL )
            head = (struct contact *)malloc(sizeof(struct contact));
            ptrList = head;

            head->prev = NULL;
            head->next = NULL;

            newContact = (struct contact *)malloc(sizeof(struct contact));
            head->next = newContact;
            newContact->prev = head;
            newContact->next = NULL;

            strcpy(newContact->fName, fn);
            strcpy(newContact->sName, sn);
            strcpy(newContact->phone, ph);
            strcpy(newContact->company, co);

            head = newContact;
        } // end of (ptrList == NULL)

    } // end of while( !feof(fptr))
H.Brydon 26-Apr-13 17:30pm    
You should run this with a debug build, and show the error message here, including the stack trace (or failing that, what line of code gives the error?).
Mohibur Rashid 27-Apr-13 0:25am    
Your code is very messy, too many unnecessary action. :)

exactly what line does this fail?
Mohibur Rashid 27-Apr-13 0:27am    
by the way, i have no idea what your!!!! csv file containing, but this is not the right way to parse a csv file
JavamanX 4-May-13 16:17pm    
show the content of your csv file

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