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i want to write program that depends on barcode and i don't know from where can i start.
Richard MacCutchan 27-Apr-13 7:00am    
Start by deciding whether you want to read barcodes or print them.

If you want to read barcodes, then it's pretty simple: get a scanner an plug it into your computer. Most of them read the code, and translate it into keystrokes so you don't need to do much to get a basic system working.

If you want to print barcodes, then it depends on the type you want to use, but a simple google "print barcode c#" will get you a wealth of places to start reading.
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I just did this for tracking the fabrication process at a plant.

I used a scanner that docks to a pc and uploads to the network in a perm folder - text file. Most barcode scanners come with SDKs that allow you to "set" what you want. We scan a location, drawing, and action. The scanner adds the date. After docking, it uploads the text file (which I also configured).

From there a quick client application (UI) reads the text file and uploads to the database. I do not actually ever track the physical barcode itself. I created the barcode based off of four unique pieces of data to maintain uniqueness throughout. Also, I use an actual image scanner. The whole system came in around 5,000, but as I said it was for the entire fabrication process and not just tracking.

So, I would start with finding a scanner with available SDKs for your own customization. I would not encourage you to read from the scanner as there are too many factors in the middle if you are dealing with a large process. The customization of the scanner function will allow you to anticipate error and prompt the user to scan and respond.

Next, figure out what you want to do with the information that you collect. Are you tracking? counting inventory? Develop a UI and database for storage!

BTW, there are many companies that work with this type of technology and can help you by customizing the scan/upload process while you work on the import and data mgmt part.
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