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I want to work with Hex numbers.
I want to Read a file(ex. text file) and store their character in HEX Type.
and then do some calculations on these data.
please help me.
thank you.
Richard C Bishop 30-Apr-13 15:09pm    
Ok, go ahead and do that.
[no name] 30-Apr-13 15:10pm    
Help you with what? Can you not read a file? Can you not declare a byte array? What have you tried? Where are you stuck? What is it that you think a "HEX" type is?

1 solution

First off, there is no HEX type - and it's unlikely there ever would be, since Hex is representation of a number, rather than a different type of numbering altogether.

If you mean you want to work on files in their raw form, then just use bytes:
byte[] data = File.ReadAllBytes(@"D:\Temp\myFile.txt");
Will read your file into normal 8 bits bytes without any translation or text interpretations going on.
for (int i = 0;i < data.Length; i++)
   data ^= (byte) i;
File.WriteAllBytes(@"D:\Temp\MyUselessFile.txt", data);
Will alter each byte individually, and write them back out to a new file, that is pretty much useless. (Reading it in and running through the same code will restore it though).

Is that the kind of thing you were thinking of?
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