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Hi guys,
I have a table with column c1,c2 c3.
Here it is.
c1  c2   c3
1   2   NULL
2   3   NULL
3   4   NULL
4   5   NULL

My requirement is that using a single update statement i need to fill the column c3 with c1 data.
Except the first row, the remaining columns need to be updated with data from column c1.

The desired output is:

c1  c2  c3
1   2   NULL
2   3   1
3   4   2
4   5   3

Thanks in advance.
gvprabu 7-May-13 4:23am    
C1, C2, C3 values are in same Ascending order like 1,2,3,4...
If its different u need to go for SUB Query and find the values for Each Data in C1 Columns then u ll do for Multiple Update (Update with Select Statement)

if it's series then simply,
select c1,c2,case when (c1-1)=0 then NULL else (c1-1) end as C3
from tblnm

Happy Coding!
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M S Chaitanya 6-May-13 1:57am    
Thank u.. that was so simple..
but i asked for an update..
Aarti Meswania 6-May-13 1:58am    
Glad to help you! :)
StianSandberg 6-May-13 2:23am    
Aarti Meswania 6-May-13 2:27am    
Thank you! :)
set c3 = c1
where c1 <> 1

Scratch that... I answered your actual question rather than what you showed in your sample data.
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