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So i was wondering is there a method to get the button id of a element on a webbrowser as using getelementbyid does not work please, i have looked everywhere for this. Please can you provide me with a piece of code as i have already also used the

getattribute method as well please help me please.
Adam R Harris 16-May-13 13:03pm    
What do you mean? Are you trying to find a button on the client side using the ID that was assigned on the server side? Please elaborate on your question.
Richard C Bishop 16-May-13 14:01pm    
var button = document.getElementById("put ID of your button here");
This will work, but you have to do something with "button" in order to see any results. You tagged your thread with C# but getelementbyid is JavaScript. Which one do you want? C# or JavaScript?
[no name] 16-May-13 14:06pm    
i i am trying to invoke this

please and suggestions
Richard C Bishop 16-May-13 14:12pm    
There are several buttons on that page. If you are trying to access a button on another webrowser via an application you are writing, you can't. You are not trying to do that are you?
[no name] 16-May-13 14:20pm    
i am just wanting to press this button automatically

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