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Could someone please assist here? I have a program that reads a text file and copys the contents separated by a $ sign and writes the details to another new text file excluding the $ Sign. What I need assistance is to do a count and get the total records separate by the $ sign. Eg. ajasasaj$testing%878788%%$lkshhajsjah
for the above the total count would be 3. What I want is the 3 value. so how could I get that 3? Please assist at your earliest.

Dim WordsCount as integer
sFilename = "C:\Listview.txt"
If Dir(sFilename.ToString) <> "" Then
	sFileReader = System.IO.File.OpenText(sFilename)
	sInputLine = sFileReader.ReadLine()
	Do Until sInputLine Is Nothing
		sInputLine = sFileReader.ReadLine()
		WordsCount += sInputLine.Split(",").Length
End If

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ekipongi 21-May-13 20:01pm    
Thanks Aarti for the reply. Didn't tried your code but I guess it would work. Thanks anyway.
try this..this will give you what you want but if you are already separating from $ sign why dont you increment the counter there only
Dim FileReader = New StreamReader("D:\New Text Document.txt")
Dim line As String
Dim count As Integer
line = FileReader.ReadToEnd()
For Each alpha As Char In line
    If alpha = "$" Then
        count += 1
    End If
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ekipongi 21-May-13 20:00pm    
Thanks Basmeh. Modified your code and got what I wanted. Thanks

now Could you please assist here again? now I want to check a specific value (:32B:) in a text file that contains millions of data and get the values (actual figures/amounts) excluding the currency. E.g. check if :32B: is found in the file and if it is found then grab the next value after this, which would be the amount. In essence it would be like :32B:JPY12561694,00
So pull out the 12561694,00 excluding the comma. So the actual data that I want to get is 1256169400
Basmeh Awad 22-May-13 6:56am    
ok there is a solution post this as a question...and add a reply here that u posted
Basmeh Awad 22-May-13 4:53am    

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